Energy-Efficient Homes In Nova Scotia / Halifax

Hello all,

Let’s start some discussion on energy-efficient home construction in Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. It’s time for a change.

I recently started a new business, INNOVA BUILDERS, partly out of frustration with what I saw as less-than-great workmanship in many new homes by “green” or “efficient” builders, and also in order to do my part to help as many people as possible reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. There are fairly simple modifications that can be made to new home construction, as well as renovations, to create very efficient homes that use much less energy, and also less water. Think about renewable energy souces like solar power and wind power; consider orientation of the home and window and design features to take advantage of free solar heat; think about highly-efficient spray foam insulation systems that really do perform; properly designed and planned heating/cooling/ventilation systems that work as they should; and many other features that contribute to the result of a truly efficient home that significantly reduces your environmental impact.

The homes INNOVA BUILDERS will work with people to create will not only be beautiful, comfortable and give their owners a sense of satisfaction knowing they are doing their part to reduce energy and water consumption, they will also cost less to own and give outstanding return on investment and resale value. You will have a full understanding of how your home works and what you are getting – and you should – because this is your investment; this is your future; THIS IS YOUR HOME.

We can easily have it all , so why wouldn’t we make it happen?

Please visit my website at and send in your questions or comments. My goal is also to help educate people so that they can make informed decisions on their home design and construction.

Let the change begin now!

Andrew W. Alcorn, CET

Innova Builders, Inc.

(902) 499-4839

Member – Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Member – Canada Green Building Council (Atlantic Chapter)

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