I believe in doing things differently; in challenging traditional construction methods and specifications to push the performance of buildings higher and really bring down energy consumption in a big way.

If you want to significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money; if you want your home or office to be one of the most efficient and durable around, with the highest re-sale value; if you want to reduce your environmental impact…Innova Builders will provide you with the solutions.

Innova Builders is Nova Scotia’s most innovative new builder, whose mission is to drive the energy standards of new and renovated homes and buildings higher. We bring this mission to life by designing high-performance, attractive, yet affordable, homes that will help families and entire communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve sustainability and a reach a higher standard of living.

I believe in helping our people and communities become healthier and more self-reliant. Through high-performance, low-energy-consuming homes and buildings, Innova Builders will help Nova Scotia gain freedom from the costs of coal and petroleum-based electricity and the damage they cause to our health and the environment.

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  1. Posted by J King on February 15, 2011 at 8:44 am

    I’m interested in building an energy-efficient home in Dartmouth where I am negotiating to purchase a lot. I currently reside in an R-2000 home which I had custom built 8 years ago and I’m interested in maintaining that approach in our new home.


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