InnovaWall in action

Please view and share this video. It is a project using a base version of my InnovaWall system.

For a complete thermal break, sheets of rigid high-density insulation are placed between the studs and sheathing, instead of the horizontal 2x4s in the video, and then the spray foam is applied for a complete air/vapour seal and a high level of insulation. The total R value can be adjusted by using thicker rigid insulation and a 2×6 stud wall for up to an R45 wall system with no air leakage.

In fact, the insulation system for the whole house or building, including foundation, walls and ceiling, is customizable to suit conditions, usage and owner preference. That’s the beauty of the InnovaWall.

Andrew W. Alcorn, CET

Innova Builders, Inc.
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